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In my job always have been present the erotism, creative and divine force that moves the human kind and the obsenity subjacent in our minds that is intertwine with the instictive and savage nature of our being. It would be imposible not to talk about religion, where this is open to the world (the transgressions, the gilty and prohibitions). I grew up in a religious fervidness ambiance full of holy images and in a manicheism world where the church and the clerigs were sacred and untouchables. Today under, another reality I see how the church and it´s double moral play with the faith and inocence of the people, showing us a corrupt clergy woth a repressed sexuality and at the same time practiced; where the celibacy exigency had end suffocating them to aboard this topic had not been easy due to social and religious power that the church have in our society.

I have accompany Adriana Patiño among her artistic production, sharing with her from the simple genesis of an idea until her magnific realization. Between both points of this line, also I could have assistt to the process that made possible the rout. And always, always, I had seen her suffer as much as her figures, to delight her on the rout of the sensual line that define one of her injures bodies, to deepen an effort of vital and compromised artist, that applies with tenacity to the theory and to the practice.
Adriana had have the obsessión for the eroticism that also is transgression of morals conveniences, necessitated of a truthful that serves and surrends. I know her job is unitary and coherent,unmanageable to fashion and hobbies, capable of move and espectator but also irritated him. In this sense can say that her best words are her paintings and engravings, her pictures.

Bogotá, June 2010
  Departmental Institute of Fine Arts, Cali
Schools of Arts

Director Eduardo Audivert. La Tertulia. Cali
Director Victoria de Bromet, Director Helio Salcedo, Director Dioscorides Peréz. Museo Rayo. Roldanillo, Director Cesar García. Cali
Directora Cecilia Coronel
Pottery and watercolor:
Director Braulio Lucumí
Jewerly workshop:
Director Julian Palau
Synesthesia workshop and techniques:
Director Angel Loockartt

2008 Trilogía
2002 Casa Proartes

2012 Tribute to the Women's Day, Café Libro Gallery. Bogotá, Colombia
  Women of the World, Colombia Artística. París, Francia
  R. Van R Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina
2011 Colombia artística association artístique el culturelle.Festival  a' Art á Valbonne-Francia
  Second International Engraving Room. Tolima´s Art Museum, Colombia
2010 Interventions. Alianza Colombo-Francesa. Manizales, Colombia
2009 International Biennal of Engraving. Cadaquez, España
  Latin American Graphics. AAGL. Museo de Arte Contemporaneo MAC.
Bogotá, Colombia
  Graphic, Technology, Appropriation and Tradition. Artist´s Association
Bolivarian Museum of Contemporary Art
  3rd Colombian International Triennial . Santa Marta, Colombia
2008 Museum of Contemporary Art, August Room
  Museum of Religious Art La Merced, "Sacras Visiones".
Cali, Colombia
2006 3rd Room Use and Contemplation - Jewerly - Comfandi Cultural Center
Cali, Colombia
2005 Watercolor National Room. Medellín, Colombia
  18 Engravins. Colombo Americano Center. Pereira, Colombia
  18 Engravins. La Pared Gallery. Bogotá, Colombia
2004 18 Engravins. Art Museum Caldas. Manizales, Colombia
  18 Engravins. Executives Clubhouse. Cali, Colombia
2003 AQA Gallery in Forest Hill. Queens, N.Y. Estados Unidos
  Watercolor National Room. Medellín, Colombia
  Watercolor International Triennial, Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino,
Bolivarian Museum. Santa Marta, Colombia

  For "Seven lessons of a Material Crisis" and "I Sinner" Five Poems
and two lives of the Author Carlos Gustavo Alvarez

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